Pond Dyes

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Whether it’s maintaining the beauty of a pond on a rural farm or dazzling visitors as they take in the brilliant shades of blue on a water ski lake or golf course pond, AquaDye’s Lake and Pond Dyes are available in various colors, strengths and sizes to beautifully transform the look of your water feature from simple to stunning. AquaDye’s application process is easy and clean: simply distribute the dye around the water’s edge, and the natural movement of the water will disperse the product throughout the lake or pond, providing rapid and even coverage. Our products are 100% ecologically friendly and will not harm the environment, fish, livestock, wildlife, pets or people. AquaDye’s lake maintenance experts are standing by to answer your questions at 800-274-4393 M-F 7 a.m.—3 p.m. MST or click on the ‘contact us’ tab and your inquiry will be responded to promptly. Welcome to the green way to keep your water blue naturally and beautifully, with AquaDye.
aquadye the green way to keep water blue