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MuckFix: This package contains two sleeves of carbon packed with bio-nutrients. This product will treat the sediment and create a biologic base which works together with the native bacteria and results in dramatic digestion of sludge, hydrocarbons, and a large reduction or conversion of harmful nutrients. Used when the water temperature becomes warm enough (56°F) MuckFix contains a blend of composting bacteria, media and biologic growth stimulant. The bacteria grows in the media, and each grain of the media is like a seed; wherever it lands in the lake sludge, it begins to grow a colony of bacteria that will break down and remove muck and sludge from the lake bottom.

Price: $85
Strength: 1 box treats 1/2 surface acre

*See Lake Application Rate table to figure out the necessary amount to treat your lake.


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Product Description

As the MuckFix clears the water; this may enable harmful algae to develop as light penetrates the water. The use of AquaDye will help shade the water and inhibit algae growth while this food-grade, 100% ecologically safe water colorant creates stunning color AquaDye is a no-mess, easy-to-apply liquid formula that will not harm fish, pets, birds or wildlife.
$85.00 per box

Size: Box
Strength: Box treats 1/2 surface acres


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