LakeFX Products

LakeFX Products LakeFX Products

1 Step 1: ClearLock

Naturally locks up nutrients on land & in water, cutting off unwanted aquatic plants’ food source.

2 Step 2: ClariFix

Removes impurities and clears unsightly brown hues in lake, resulting in clean, clear water.

3A Step 3A: MuckFix

Works with native bacteria to eliminate sediment & sludge, resulting in a healthy, balanced water ecosystem, which
is ideal for fish.

3B Step 3B: ClearDissolve

Spot Treatment
Dissolvable tablets spot-treat areas of high sludge concentration.

 4 Step 4: AquaDye

100% ecologically safe dyes shade the water & absorb UV light; dye is safe for pets, fish, fowl & wildlife.

AquaDye’s LakeFX products are the complete package. If you buy our LakeFX Aquatic Treatment Program, you will be paying less than when buying individually. Not only that, you are ensuring that your lake or pond remains healthy, safe, and ecologically balanced all throughout the year, with regular use. There is no reason for any delay in purchasing this program if you have a lake or pond. Call 800-274-4393 or fill out our contact form today and begin to see your lake or pond turn into a breathtaking sight for everyone to see.