How LakeFX Works

LakeFXLakeFX™ All-Natural Lake Maintenance

Step 1 Step 1: ClearLock

Naturally locks up nutrients on land & in water, cutting off unwanted aquatic plants’ food source.


Step 2 Step 2: ClariFix

Removes impurities and clears unsightly brown hues in lake, resulting in clean, clear water.

Step 3A Step 3A: MuckFix

Works with native bacteria to eliminate sediment & sludge, resulting in a healthy, balanced water ecosystem, which is ideal for fish.

Step 3B Step 3B: ClearDissolve

Spot Treatment
Dissolvable tablets spot-treat areas of high sludge concentration.


 Step 4 Step 4: AquaDye

100% ecologically safe dyes shade the water & absorb UV light; dye is safe for pets, fish, fowl & wildlife safe.

LakeFXLakeFX™ Product Application Guide


1 box treats 2 surface acres*

Initial application may be done any time of year

Maintenance application is done after rainy season


1 box treats 1/2 surface acre



1 box treats 1/2 surface acre


Clear Dissolve

Spot treatment around docks or problem areas; Treats 200 sq. ft.



Refer to Specific Product

Year-round every 2 months

* For calculation purposes, 1 acre=43,560 square feet.

* When water temperatures reach 56°F

1. Spread ClearLock with a scoop or by hand on the bank around your pond to prevent fertilizer and organic nutrient runoff. Be sure to target areas where inflow occurs after rain. ClearLock should also be applied in the water surrounding the shore 8 to 10 feet from the shoreline. Apply ClearLock annually, after the rainy season.2. Distribute ClariFix with a scoop or by hand around your pond from a boat. Water containing brown organic matter will be treated by ClariFix‘s unique powdered formula and cleared within a short period of time.3. Mix the MuckFix packages with 2 gallons of pond water, stir well and let stand 12-24 hours. The product should become frothy. Before distributing into pond, mix well. Use only when the water temperature is above 56°F. Wherever MuckFix lands, it begins to grow a colony of bacteria that will break down and remove the sludge from the pond bottom. ClearDissolve is a spot treatment used in conjunction with MuckFix. It is used by throwing the dissolvable tablet in the pond around docks and swimming areas. The product fizzes and disperses, treating 200 square feet of surface area.4. AquaDye is used by adding the product to the edge of the pond, applying to water from a boat at a recommended rate of 1 gallon per 12 acre feet.Although these are safe products for humans, fish, and wildlife, whenever using these products, it is recommended to use proper personal protection equipment such as safety goggles, gloves and a dust mask.


AquaDye is the leading provider of environmentally friendly pond dyes. We offer a wide range of high quality lake colorants that can enhance the appearance of any aquatic system in your property. If you need additional assistance with the application process, do not hesitate to call us at 800-274-4393. To place an order or inquire about our shipping policies, fill out our contact form