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What To Do With Weeds

No matter how big or small your garden or your pond is, weeding is probably the activity you do most often. It can be somewhat satisfying to pull up these intruders. Essentially, weeds are the healing remedy of nature for locations with no plants. Wondering what to do with weeds around your pond? Here are […]

Top Reasons Your Water Plants are Dying

Caring for a pond can be a great way to spend your time. After you put your pond together, you may want to watch the variety of pond plants thrive. It can be frustrating if your plants don’t grow and flourish properly. It becomes even less of a joy when you see your plants begin […]

Typical Pond Predators – An Overview

Are your fish disappearing? No, it’s not your imagination. There is a good chance that you have a predator or two paying a regular visit to your pond. Typical pond predators are an aspect of water gardens that owners have the least amount of control of. When you manage a pond, it is a good […]

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