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Five Pond Ideas for Your Backyard

There are so many great ideas for a backyard pond, how do you know which one to select? Your outdoor area becomes immediately transformed into a wonderful place to relax when you create a pond. Plus, ponds attract song birds, butterflies and even fireflies for a gorgeous evening.

Before you call your friends to save the date, and have a barbecue by the pond, it is important to decide what kind of pond you want to build. There are koi ponds and goldfish ponds. Some ponds are exclusively for plants. These are called water gardens. A waterfall pond is another option and so is a fountain pond. Every type of pond will need specific planning depending on the features you want to incorporate. Also, keep in mind that many pond builders that are building ponds for the first time make the mistake of building a pond that is too small. When you build a tiny pond, this limits what you can put into it. As you can see, there are five different types of ponds you might want to incorporate into your scenic backyard or front yard. Needless to say, this will definitely add to your home’s curb appeal. Make sure to add in the right kind of pond dye no matter what pond you plan to build!

A Koi Pond

For your backyard, you might want to consider creating a koi pond. Add some koi into your pond and get mesmerized in the way they move. There is nothing more relaxing than watching fish swim here and there. One mistake many koi pond builders make is that they make it too small. Remember that plant life, which the koi love to eat, will need room to grow. The same can be said for the koi. In fact, keep in mind that unlike goldfish, koi tend to grow quite large in size. Ponds that are meant for koi should not be less than one thousand gallons in volume. In fact, it is advisable to create a bigger pond than you need when what you want is a koi pond. You should also try and make it a minimum of three feet deep. In fact, more is better so go for five feet.

A Goldfish Pond

Building a goldfish pond is similar to building a pond with koi. The difference is that goldfish don’t take up as much space. The good news is that even if you begin with about ten goldfish, you will find that they do multiply so don’t be surprised to find them triple or quadruple in number after a while. Goldfish are not only soothing and beautiful to watch, they are also extremely hardy and tough. They will practically care for themselves and even survive the tough winter season, believe it or not. All you need to keep your goldfish happy in their pond is to toss in a few flakes once a day for dinner. It is a bad idea to use fancy goldfish varieties until your pond has balanced its own ecosystem. Rather, use regular goldfish when your pond is new. Goldfish tend to grow into gorgeous big adults before you know it. Make sure there is a shady area in your pond for them to hide under. When your pond is directly under the sun, they will not like this. Instead, submerge some potted grass and this should give them some great shadows to hide under. Goldfish love eating mosquitoes so this is another advantage for you. Once in a while you can feed your goldfish worms as a treat. In cold weather, goldfish can’t process food so feed them again in the spring. No pumps or filter in the winter either. It is almost like they hibernate. A de-icer is great if your pond surface completely freezes. It is important for them to have at least a hole where carbon dioxide can escape.

A Water Garden

Aside from a koi or a goldfish pond, building a water garden is another good idea for your backyard. A water garden adds tranquillity and beauty to any area outdoors and will create a stunning backyard feature. On the other hand, a water garden’s advantages are more than aesthetic. For one thing, this releases negative ions into the air so everything feels fresher around the garden. This removes impurities and toxins from the atmosphere. Clear air will thus hover over your space. You won’t need to water the plants in your water garden either. A water garden happens to be a complete eco-system by itself. There is a delicate balance of insect, plant life and useful bacteria all in the pond, not to mention fish! Water gardens need to be a minimum of two feet deep and a depth of up to sixteen inches if the weather is cold.

A Waterfall Pond

A waterfall pond is really just a regular backyard pond with running water that runs from a waterfall. Add in fish that dart here and there and you create a breathtaking feature in what used to be a bland space. It takes work to create this in the beginning but after a while, you will see that your almost maintenance-free waterfall pond is more than worth it! You can create a waterfall pond in almost any location in your yard. Remember to keep a lot of space around it for you to plant. Next, add in the waterfall feature and enjoy the sound of soothing water trickling in your yard night and day.

Fountain Ponds

Ponds that have a fountain are not just a great sight to see in your backyard. Rather, they have the practical purpose of aerating the water. Fountains range from simple bubbling springs to multilevel cascades. There are also elaborate fountains that come in different styles, types and sizes. It really all depends on the size of your pond. Also, you can select a fountain according to how much noise you want to hear on a daily basis. Ideally, design your fountain simultaneously with your pond. If you don’t you might have to eventually drain your pond to get the fountain installed.

A pond will definitely give your backyard a facelift. If you plan on re-selling your home in the future, ponds will definitely help your home sell faster and at a better price. In the meantime, you can enjoy bonding time with your friends, relatives and guests just by the ponds.

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