Different Types of Ponds

Have you been wondering about what the different types of ponds happen to be? Ponds are a body of standing water makes up a pond. This can be either artificial or natural. Ponds are not usually as large as lakes. These can naturally arise as part of a river system in floodplains or they could be isolated somewhat in depressions such as in prairie potholes and vernal pools. At times, these contain aquatic animals, plants and marsh in shallow water. In ponds, a few animals make their homes including beavers and alligators. This type of pond life is determined generally by combined factors that include nutrient levels and water levels affected by duration and depth of flooding. There are other important factors as well including the absence or presence of tree shading, streams, salinity or animals grazing.

Frequently, humans construct ponds. Villagers and farmers in the countryside dig backyard ponds to increase an existing pond’s depth. They do this by the removal of mud layers during the season of summer. Ponds are classified as a broad variety of artificial water bodies. Some are specifically created for the restoration of habitat including architectural features or water landscape. For commercial breeding of fish, fish ponds are created. For storing thermal energy, solar ponds are designed. Lakes, ponds and puddles as well as other standing water bodies are separately categorized from flowing courses of water. This includes a river, stream, creek or brook. Levels of nutrients and pond water quality can get under control through nature’s processes such as the growth of algae. These can also be controlled through algae scrubbers which are in essence, artificial filtration.

Various Types

There are various types of ponds, each having its own unique qualities. Before you begin to lay out a pond it is a good idea to know about the variety of ponds in existence. As a matter of fact there are more types of ponds than you probably expected. These include wildlife ponds, terrace ponds, swimming ponds, plant ponds, ornamental ponds, natural ponds, mirror ponds, mini ponds, koi ponds, fish ponds and biological ponds. Here we will talk about a few of these types of ponds for your benefit.

Wildlife Pond

Wildlife PondNature really is in charge in this type of pond. The water attracts insects and animals like salamanders and frogs. This pond is also rich in plants. There are no filters or pumps in a natural pond and the high oxygen level is due to the various plants that oxygenate the water naturally, which secures it from the growth of algae.

Koi Ponds

Koi PondsPonds of this category are filled with koi, which is Japan’s national fish. This fish is a special version of a domesticated common carp variety. When you look at these fish you will find them beautiful and glittery. To guarantee these fish’ valuable health, you will need a pond duly maintained. Knowing what the different techniques that apply to koi pond care is essential for a thriving pond.

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