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The Dangers of Blue-Green Algae in your Pond and How to Avoid It

  Part of proper maintenance is being aware of the threats that can affect its water quality and ecosystem. Aside from muck, debris, predators and excessive nutrient build-up, blue-green algae is one of the life forms you should watch out for if you want to keep your pond healthy and safe all year round.   […]

Pond vs. Lake: Is There a Difference?

There is no clear distinction between a pond and a lake. Actually, both are bodies of water enclosed by land. Generally, lakes are considered larger than ponds and are also deeper.   When is a lake a lake, and a pond a pond? Although most observers say that lakes are bigger than ponds, size is […]

Other Fishes to Put in your Pond if Koi and Goldfish Seem ‘Too Normal’

When thinking of pond fishes, you have probably thought of koi. However, there are other types of fishes which can be cultivated in your pond, depending on the purpose. Dangers of koi and goldfishes Why do you need to check out other types of fishes for your pond? Although koi and goldfishes are popular ones, […]

How to Choose Plants for your Pond: 5 Practical Tips

Creating a water garden in your pond can enhance its aesthetic appeal. However, there’s more to aquatic plants than just adding a beautiful accent to a body of water. If you’re planning to put aquatic plants in your pond, here are five tips that can help you through the process and make the right choices. […]

The Three-Step Guide for Choosing the Best Dye for your Pond

More than elevating water color, pond dyes can also be instrumental in keeping the balance in a pond’s ecosystem. If you’re planning to dye your pond, choosing the best product to use will go beyond your color preference. In fact, it entails a process, and you need to carefully go through each step to make […]

What Koi Needs in a Pond: 9 Essential Elements

Aside from incorporating plants in your pond, you can also allow koi to live in it. Koi is a type of fish that belongs in Cyprinus Carpio family or the group of ornamental and domesticated common carp. They come in different colors and patterns, which creates a beautiful illusion as they move around in your […]

8 Secrets for Effectively Cleaning your Pond

A pond can elevate the look of your property and add a serene spot in your yard where you and your family can relax. But a pond will only be as beautiful as how you maintain it. Ponds require regular maintenance in order to keep not just its appearance, but also the balance in its […]

Should You Add a Pond to your Backyard?

Quick answer: It depends. Building a pond in your backyard can elevate the appeal of your home and provide a relaxing spot for you and your family. However, it is not as easy as it seems. There are several factors you need to look into to determine whether building a pond is for you. Let’s […]

Handling Pond Dye Treatment

Your Pond, Your Peace There’s just something in every one of us that always wants to have some peace and quiet. This is our catharsis. Some finds it relaxing to listen to some good music. Others unwind while watching a movie. Still others engage in physical activities to take their minds of their constant responsibilities, […]

Different Types of Ponds

Have you been wondering about what the different types of ponds happen to be? Ponds are a body of standing water makes up a pond. This can be either artificial or natural. Ponds are not usually as large as lakes. These can naturally arise as part of a river system in floodplains or they could […]