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Quick and easy steps in restoring your pond

Ponds are little sanctuaries that give us comfort. The serene view offered by ponds is something that we enjoy at times when we need to have a little escape from reality. Aside from this, ponds are also home to some fresh water species and aquatic plants which makes makes them all the more important. However, […]

Weed growth in Ponds

12 Kinds of Weeds in Ponds

Building a pond or lake? Aside from fishes and plants you put in the pond, there’s also the chance of weed growth. Here is a list of the kinds of weeds in ponds for your convenience.   Southern Naiad This leafy plant has wider base leaves. The arrangement of the leaves are in whorls of […]

How to stop blanket weed from spoiling your pond

Blanket weed is a common pond algae that has dense stringy green strands that float above or under the water’s surface, and cling to plants. Blanket weed is by no means pretty, but it does have its uses. Fish love spawning in it and it’s often the first food for tadpoles when they emerge from […]

How to Keep Your Lake or Pond Clean: Why You Should Use LakeFX

There is nothing like communing with nature if you need a breather or just a quick refresher, particularly when you are sitting next to a body of water. Lakes or ponds, whether in their natural setting or artificially constructed on your property, can offer you such reprieve. Aside from helping you relax, some man-made lakes […]

Keeping the lake’s beauty: Why aquatic dye prevents too much algae

Lakes will always be a good source of peace and tranquility. It may be a small body of water but its size makes it more serene. However, beneath the aesthetic beauty that lakes have are organisms that can destroy its beauty, algae are the most common one. What are algae? According to the Department of […]

What you Need to Know about Pond Liners

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk through your own garden and revel in the beauty of nature? Having a body of water, no matter how small it may be, can do wonders to rejuvenate you and give you a sense of tranquility. Just imagine if you have a small pond you can sit near to […]

Pond Dye Questions: Is it safe to swim in dyed ponds?

There is something about the aesthetic beauty of ponds that make them look so appealing and relaxing. This tranquility and soothing effect is even more pronounced when the pond is beautifully hued, with a vibrant sheen giving a glimpse of its depth. This is where using pond dye comes in handy. As implied. pond dyes […]

Pond Dye 101: An Essential Guide

As its name suggests, pond dye is a product that adds pigment to ponds for both aesthetic and maintenance purposes. Aside from enhancing the water’s appearance, it also helps in inhibiting sunlight from going to the water and triggering unnecessary algae growth.   Benefits Using pond dyes have a number of benefits, and we recommend […]

Warm-Weather Tips to Keep your Pond Clean and Healthy

Summer is the time when most pond owners tend to stroll around their water gardens, thanks to the inviting warm weather. However, you should note that the heat of the summer months also brings with it challenges in keeping your pond clean and healthy. One of the most noted changes in the summer months that […]

How to Choose the Right Pond Aerator

Share on your website : <blockquote class=”embedly-card”><h4><a href=”\\”>null</a></h4><p>null</p></blockquote> <script async src=”//” charset=”UTF-8″></script> While not all ponds need aeration, having pumps in the water will greatly benefit the pond environment. However, not all pumps are created as general, use-for-all systems. You cannot just order an off-the-shelf compressor and make a DIY pump, especially if you are […]