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Aquadye Eco-Friendly Pond Dyes

The Benefits of Eco-friendly Pond Dyes

A pond provides an aesthetic as well as a recreational touch to the environment. Whether you have a house, a mansion, a school or a garden, the addition of a pond gives it an added beauty. If your pool is maintained properly it not only increases the beauty of the place but also the value. […]

A Pond During Winter

Caring for Your Pond in the Winter

With plummeting temperatures, your winter pond care will need extra attention. Prevent winter kill when the lower temperatures make it hard to keep pond areas ice-free. Remember that your pond fish’s survival completely depend on your pond care. Here are a few things you can do to help sustain the health of your pond during […]

The Tranquility a Well-maintained Pond Brings

The Tranquility a Well-maintained Pond Brings

Having lakes or ponds in your garden, backyard or close to home is something to look forward to. After all, you will be able to enjoy the calming effect only a pond can provide and you will be able to see the beautiful wildlife that will treat that pond as a new home. This all […]

How Safe is Water Dye: The Case of the Chicago River

How Safe is Water Dye: The Case of the Chicago River

It has been a longstanding point with environmentalists that water dye can harm the aquatic ecosystem and compromise the lives of all the organisms that live in it. However, there are water dyes, such as the ones being distributed by AquaDye, which are all-natural and are not threats to the environment. Our products do not […]

Beautiful Pond At Home

Increase Your Home’s Value by Building a Pond

Experienced home sellers agree that a pond will increase your home’s value. Many homes that are constructed today are tract housing that look similar to every other house on the block. The only differences between the houses are the personal touches such as the landscaping. Smart homeowners know that an inexpensive way of getting more […]

Healthy Pond Ecosystem

Have You Checked the Health of Your Pond Lately?

When it comes to your pond, it pays to remember that your pond is really just a smaller version of a natural wetland, lake, river or stream. This is a confined eco-system that is supposed to be a reproduction of what occurs naturally in nature on a small scale. When your pond has a balanced […]

Koi Pond

Five Pond Ideas for Your Backyard

There are so many great ideas for a backyard pond, how do you know which one to select? Your outdoor area becomes immediately transformed into a wonderful place to relax when you create a pond. Plus, ponds attract song birds, butterflies and even fireflies for a gorgeous evening. Before you call your friends to save […]

Turn Your Lake or Garden Pond to a Ghoulish Color This Halloween

Halloween is upon us, and with it is the opportunity to transform your property into a ghoulish spectacle that would blow away your neighbors, family, and friends. However, majority of the pranks in the books have already been played. Sure, toilet papering your tree or lawn can be fun, but think of the mess you […]

Children Swimming in a Home Pond

Building a Pond for Swimming

Building a pond for swimming is becoming a very popular idea. The reason is that most people love the fact that you will be swimming in natural clean water as opposed to water with gallon after gallon of chlorine. Chlorinated water tends to cause dryness to the skin and in climates like the West Coast; […]

Behind the pond’s beauty: Benefits of using pond dyes

There will always be those times when life gets too tough and we want to take some time to relax, breathe and free ourselves from any kind of stress. During those times, some people prefer to be with nature and looking into a beautiful pond is one source of peace. Ponds are little sanctuaries that […]