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What Types of Pond Construction Are There?

In the recent years, water demand has swelled rapidly. Ponds are considered one of the most reliable sources of water. With various purposes including water source for livestock, crop irrigation, fish breeding and production, orchard and field spraying, landscape development, fire protection, conservation of energy, and recreation among others, ponds are indeed essential in most […]

Is it Safe to Use Pond Dye in a Lake We Swim In?

Adding color to your backyard pond is now possible, thanks to pond dyes or aquatic dyes. Pond dyes are used to improve the appearance of ponds. They commonly come in three different colors– turquoise, blue, or black. Most pond dyes are mostly made of blue-colored dyes while some are mixed with different colors to achieve […]

The Seven Types of Ponds that You Probably Don’t Know About

Each individual has their specific hobbies and interests. If you are the type of person who loves to be with nature, particularly those with water elements, then having your own pond could be an excellent addition to your backyard. Ponds not only add aesthetic value to your property, but they also provide several environmental benefits. […]

4 Best Freshwater Fishes for Pond

4 Best Freshwater Fishes for Pond

Do you intend to expand your old fishpond or just start a new one? Regardless of your purpose, a pond is an impressive addition to your backyard. But what makes it more exciting is that you can have a variety of fish to beautify and add life to your pond. However, taking care of these […]

How Many Fishes Can I Put in a Pond?

If you have a pond currently, or are building a new pond, adding fish might be on the agenda. It can be confusing to decide how many fish you can add. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when you calculate the pond to fish ratio. Inches of Fish Find out the inches […]

Little things to do to help your pond

There is no doubt about it; water features in the garden are simply mesmerizing. Not to mention relaxing and a great way to lift everyone’ spirits on a daily basis. Many pond owners want to keep the water in the pond looking as natural and as sparkling as when the pond was brand new. There […]

Five obscure colors you may not have heard of

Seven colors make up a rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. From these seven colors, you can combine them in various and infinite ways to create a potential of millions more. For instance, consider that a computer monitor can display up to 16.8 million colors, all in varying intensities and hues. […]

Tips on Taking Care of Koi Fish

Tips on Taking Care of Koi Fish

When you decide to take care of koi fish in your own home pond, this is without a doubt the fastest method of reducing daily stress. The quiet, peaceful koi-filled pond is a paradise to come home to each and every day. Aside from eliminating tension and stress in your mind, a pond filled with […]

Factors to consider when building a backyard pond

Backyard ponds are among the most installed outdoor amenities of today, and it’s quite right, too. Most homeowners would rather have a pond in their very own backyard than take long and sometimes expensive trips to cabins just to enjoy the serenity of being near the water. A backyard pond suits any personality and can […]

How to Maintain Your Koi Pond Like A Pro

Koi in Chinese beliefs symbolizes harmony and happiness. Having a Koi pond in your house can be an advantage or a disadvantage which will be explained later on. But first of all, let us learn more about Koi. What is Koi? Koi or Nishikigoi is a variety of the common carp fish. Koi fish were […]