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frogs in your pond

Too Many Frogs in My Pond, What Can I do?

When it comes to ponds and gardens, frogs are considered beneficial. The reason for this is because they consume insects that can be damaging to plants. At the same time, it is also possible for frogs to overtake ponds, making too much annoying noise and overpopulating. Frogs are attracted to ponds for breeding and feeding […]

pond aeration

Do I need to aerate my pond in the summer?

Once the colder months begin to give way to summer, you might be wondering how you and your pond are going to deal with the scorching heat. During the summer months, the need for pond aeration is greater than at any other season of the year. Although most owners of ponds know this, not many […]

summer pond preparation

Is your Pond Prepared for the Summer Months?

Have you prepared your pond for the months of summer? Depending on what you are using your pond for, you will need to prepare for the summer months. Koi Pond Dedicated Koi ponds will need pump servicing and filter maintenance now that summer has arrived. Check UV bulbs, filters, foams, and impellers. Remember that for […]

outdoor pond

7 Deadly Pond Maintenance Mistakes

Building a garden pond can turn a regular, average-looking backyard into a gorgeous oasis of water. Imagine listening to the soothing trickle of a mini-waterfall or a fountain as a school of koi dart in and out of view. When you add in the flow of water to your garden pond, this automatically becomes more […]

How to prevent your water plants from dying

How to Prevent your Water Plants from Dying

Are your water plants dying? With their vibrant green hues and lush foliage, water plants become a truly attractive feature to any pond. Plus, aside from being aesthetically nice to look at, water plants help your pond establish a good ecosystem. They absorb nitrates and carbon dioxide while producing oxygen. This helps to keep your […]

brown pond

What to do when you have brown pond water

A crisp and clear garden pond is a wonderful aesthetic addition to any home. Unfortunately, the maintenance of this pond can be a daunting task. One such problem that many homeowners or gardeners face is their pond turning brown. This kind of brown can be best described as murky or tea-like. Finding the Cause To […]

snail - common pond pest

Pests you have to watch out for when you have a pond

Have you ever seen a beautiful garden or backyard ponds? Some of the most beautiful ponds are found in Japan, thriving with Koi fishes. But as the years go by, garden ponds have also become common in other countries with more and more households creating one for aesthetic purposes. It adds a hint of drama […]

Beautiful Pond At Home

Keep Your Pond Looking Great All Year Long

When you want a pond that looks great the entire year, you can do this with pond dye from a reputable company. Your fish stays safe all year round as your pond looks great. All you need to do is to stick to a maintenance plan that includes pond dye in your favourite color. This […]

5 Things to Consider when Building a Pond

Do you want to have a pond in your house or on your front yard lawn? Ponds are worthy water additions that provide charm and aesthetic appeal to any area. Not just that, it can sometimes add value to your property. If you want to have your own pond at home, then here are a […]

The Different Kinds of Pond Aerator

The Different Kinds of Pond Aerator

Pond aerator ventilates and adds oxygen to the pond. It contributes to the overall health of the pond or lake. It prevents fish kills from dissolved oxygen and foul odor from hydrogen sulfide gas produced due to the lack of oxygen. An aerator is essential to improve the water quality and preserve a healthy ecosystem. […]