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What You Should Know About Pond Dyes

It’s common to see dyed water in public and recreational establishments such as golf courses and parks, but there’s no harm in dyeing your personal property’s pond or lake. Special dyes give bodies of water a striking visual appearance that most pond owners long for. It also limits the amount of light traveling through the […]

What To Do After Your Lake Dries Up

Having a dried up lake is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s nearly inevitable unless you have a high-volume spring feeding your body of freshwater. Severe heat waves occur in some parts of the U.S., and many lakes, whether big or small, tend to dry up. The leading cause for dried up bodies of water […]

Managing Fish Populations in Ponds

Understanding Fish and their Temperature Needs Fish management is a continuous and necessary process that helps stabilize fish populations, which is why it’s important to understand that different fishes have specific water temperature tolerances. Warm-water fishes like large-mouth bass and sunfish prefer temperatures above 80°F in the summer, while cold-water fishes like trout can’t survive […]

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