LakeFX Application


1 box treats 2 surface acres*

Initial application may be done any time of year

Maintenance application is done after rainy season


1 box treats 1/2 surface acre



1 box treats 1/2 surface acre


Clear Dissolve

Spot treatment around docks or problem areas; Treats 200 sq. ft.



Refer to Specific Product

Year-round every 2 months

1. Determine how much product you need by calculating the size of your lake.  1 acre = 43,560 sq. ft.  if your lake is 2500 ft. x 200 ft., then your lake is approx. 11.5 acres.

2. The following are recommended usage amounts, price, cost, etc:


Rate of Application


ClearLock 1 box treats 2 surface acres


ClariFix Box treats 1/2 surface acres


MuckFix Box treats 1/2 surface acres


Clear Dissolve 1 Tablet treats 200 Sq. Ft. $30/5 Tablets
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Prices do not include shipping

3. Apply ClearLock with a scoop or by hand around your pond or lake to prevent fertilizer and organic nutrient runoff. Target areas where inflow occurs after rain. ClearLock should also be applied in the water surrounding the shore 8 to 10 feet from the shoreline into the lake.  In addition, ClearLock should be concentrated in areas of high sludge and storm drain or streams that feed water to the lake or pond as it also absorbs nutrients released by decomposing sludge.

4. Broadcast ClariFix with a scoop or by hand around your pond or lake from a boat. If water contains a large amount of brown organic matter and unsightly brown hue, ClariFix’s unique powdered formula treats this condition and creates a healthy, clear appearance within a short period of time

5. Mix the MuckFix packages with about 2 gallons of lake water, stir well and let stand 12-24 hours. The product should become frothy before broadcasting into lake or pond. Use when the water temperature is at least (56°F). MuckFix contains a blend of composting bacteria, media and biologic growth stimulant. The bacteria grow on the media, and each grain of the media is like a seed; wherever it lands in the lake sludge, it begins to grow a colony of bacteria that will break down and remove sludge from the lake bottom.

6. ClearDissolve – throw in pond bottom around docks-product fizzes and disperses and dissolves and treats 200 square feet of surface area.

7. Add the dye to edge of pond or slowly apply to water from a boat at a recommended rate of 1 gallon/12 acre feet. For example if you have a 12 acre lake 5 foot deep use 5 gallon of dye.

Although these are safe products for humans, fish and wildlife, it is recommended to use proper personal protection equipment including safety goggles, gloves and a dust mask when applying these products.