Lake Dye Products Help an Owner Manage Aesthetic Appearance

When it comes to a body of water, an unsightly mess is the last thing an individual wants to see when they step out into their backyard or while they are walking around company grounds. Algae, weeds, and debris degrade the aesthetic appearance of a body of water by creating a mossy film over the surface. This nuisance plant uses penetrating sunlight to complete photosynthesis and consumes a great amount of oxygen during this process. Too much growth kills off fish, desirable plants, and produces a nasty smell that transforms a once beautiful addition into a disaster. The maintenance required after allowing this overgrowth is astounding because residing matter must be killed off with chemicals, removed by hand, or flushed from the water. One of the most effective ways to control such a problem is through the use of lake dye products.

Lake dye products create an environment designed to promote the development of certain plants while keeping algae at bay. Dyes reflect light to prevent the penetration of UV rays that algae needs to grow, as well as offer a safe choice over chemicals. Harmful treatment compounds do not prevent growth, meaning they must be applied multiple times to kill algae as it develops. An owner can maintain control over these plants and walk out to a beautiful sight every day by buying pond dye products in bulk.

Lake Dye Products: Keeping a Body of Water Free of Algae

Natural colorants filter light waves to slow the development of undesirable plants while maintaining a clean appearance. Black colorant provides the visual appearance of increased depth in shallow bodies of water, and is a good option when a lake is located in a natural environment. Blue colorant offers a unique shade comparable to a swimming pool or the typical fish pond found in a backyard. Buying pond dye products in bulk makes it easier for year-round application and satisfies the demand of larger bodies of water, or situations where many pools must be treated. Lake dye products can be applied every month for continued results, or from spring to fall when sunlight penetrates the surface the most. Lake dye products are the most natural way to control unwanted plant growth, and are an effective option for slowing the photosynthesis process of bottom dwelling foliage. These safe to handle products do not add compounds capable of hurting fish or additional wildlife to the water.

Ponds, lakes, or pools able to retain water have the best results because they do not allow colorant to leak. Rain does cause the color to fade, making it necessary to have the product on hand for reapplication. Purchasing lake dye products in bulk amounts eases the trouble of ordering as frequent treatments are needed, and prevents the issue of delayed application. Delaying a treatment due to lack of colorant creates a window of opportunity for algae growth, resulting in further maintenance. Lake dye products are wonderful for home gardens, business grounds, golf courses, residential development areas, and farming environments. A simply pour around the edge provides weeks or months of beauty. Dyes supply a cost-effective, convenient option to safely maintain a pool’s natural beauty, and can be an owner’s best friend when the surrounding environment encourages this type of growth.


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