Bulk Lake Dye Ensures Consistent Application at a Decreased Cost

It takes a certain degree of maintenance to keep a body of water looking clean and aesthetically pleasing. Chemicals, filtration, and flushing are common approaches to the prevention of unwanted plant growth. These approaches must be performed regularly to keep algae under control. Chemicals introduce harmful compounds into the water, surrounding environment, and humans when incorrectly handled. They are effective for eliminating existing algae, but do not assist in preventing future growth. A pond or lake dye is an eco-friendly alternative that countless owners are choosing to prevent the overtaking of algae.

Concentrated lake dyes offer a natural approach to plant control by reflecting a certain degree of sunlight to keep needed rays from reaching submerged plants at the bottom of a body of water. Some rays are still able to pass through this barrier to sustain the natural habitat of an aquatic body. Bulk lake dye supplies an easy and efficient method for promoting the development of wanted plants while supplying the balance necessary to retain attractiveness.

Concentrated Lake Dye: The Benefits of Large Quantity Buying

Concentrated lake dye must be applied each month to maintain light reflection qualities and prevent the onset of algae growth. This expense accumulates, as a product must be kept on hand for follow-up applications. The term concentrated means less lake dye can be used to receive the desired effect; however, bulk purchasing supplies a lower investment cost for continued use. The benefits of bulk lake dye are much the same as other kinds of mass purchasing and include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Convenience
  • Less Packaging Materials
  • Decreased Effort
  • No Lull in Applications

Bulk purchases naturally decrease the cost per unit of any bought item, and the delivered savings can be phenomenal, depending on the size of the treated body of water. The amount of concentrated wholesale lake dye required for each treatment is directly related to the total square footage and depth of a pond. Buying a larger amount upfront ensures the right dosage will be available when it is needed. It is more convenient to purchase wholesale lake dye in this manner because the product is always on hand. Large quantity purchasing removes the trouble of ordering online every month and waiting for the item to be shipped before a treatment is applicable.

Bulk lake dye reduces the amount of packaging necessary for this product and provides a better option for individuals wanting to protect the environment. It is much easier to run to an outside storage shed or garage to grab needed lake dye than to have to worry about ordering it every time a treatment must be performed.

Ordering online or depending on the store to have a wholesale lake dye available increases the risk of having to wait longer between applications. This causes light reducing qualities to diminish and creates an optimal time frame for algae to flourish. A lull in product availability creates a situation where increased work might be necessary to get a pond or lake back in proper condition. While bulk purchases entail a higher upfront cost, they provide increased long-term savings and make certain an owner has everything he or she needs to maintain a beautiful pool of water.


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