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Is your Pond Prepared for the Summer Months?

Have you prepared your pond for the months of summer? Depending on what you are using your pond for, you will need to prepare for the summer months. Koi Pond Dedicated Koi ponds will need pump servicing and filter maintenance now that summer has arrived. Check UV bulbs, filters, foams, and impellers. Remember that for […]

7 Deadly Pond Maintenance Mistakes

Building a garden pond can turn a regular, average-looking backyard into a gorgeous oasis of water. Imagine listening to the soothing trickle of a mini-waterfall or a fountain as a school of koi dart in and out of view. When you add in the flow of water to your garden pond, this automatically becomes more […]

How to Prevent your Water Plants from Dying

Are your water plants dying? With their vibrant green hues and lush foliage, water plants become a truly attractive feature to any pond. Plus, aside from being aesthetically nice to look at, water plants help your pond establish a good ecosystem. They absorb nitrates and carbon dioxide while producing oxygen. This helps to keep your […]

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