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Aquadye’s Glossary of Aquatic Maintenance Terms

It takes a great deal of time, money, and effort to maintain the integrity of a lake or pond. A property owner alone may not have the experience and know-how that is needed to turn a lake into a sight to behold, without damaging or affecting the ecosystem within it. Nevertheless, it would be important [...]

Five Telltale Signs You Have an Unhealthy Pond

Lakes and ponds are a great addition to any property; they enhance the look of any landscape with their natural aesthetic appeal. People appreciate water features for a multitude of reasons, from their provision of recreational activities for the family to their visual elegance that adds to the landscape a unique and peaceful appeal. Maintaining [...]

Choosing Between a Blue or Black Pond Dye

The versatility surrounding the aesthetic appeal lakes and ponds limitless- they become much more than just an attractive body of water when paired with the perfect aquatic dye to complement the beautiful environment surrounding them. Like choosing a color for any setting, selecting the perfect shade of dye is a crucial step for property owners to maximize the visual [...]

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