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Five Telltale Signs You Have an Unhealthy Pond

Lakes and ponds are a great addition to any property; they enhance the look of any landscape with their natural aesthetic appeal. People appreciate water features for a multitude of reasons, from their provision of recreational activities for the family to their visual elegance that adds to the landscape a unique and peaceful appeal. Maintaining [...]

Choosing Between a Blue or Black Pond Dye

The versatility surrounding the aesthetic appeal lakes and ponds limitless- they become much more than just an attractive body of water when paired with the perfect aquatic dye to complement the beautiful environment surrounding them. Like choosing a color for any setting, selecting the perfect shade of dye is a crucial step for property owners to maximize the visual [...]

When is the Best Time to Treat Your Pond?

Ponds and lakes are a vision to behold, but beneath the surface they can be plagued with weeds and algae if property owners do not take time to use aquatic treatment programs to quell the proliferation of these nuisance plants. Fortunately, the advancement of modern technology has paved the way for a cost-effective, outstanding solution [...]

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